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LIST ICO Cryptocurrency is the ultimate ICO listing Cryptocurrency that helps you discover the best ICOs to invest in. LIST ICO Cryptocurrency is a regularly updated initial coin offering list where you can find the best upcoming ICO to keep your eye on, invest in the best currently active ICOs or simply check out past ICOs and how they performed. Start discovering the best initial coin offerings for 2017 below.


A digital crypto trading platform with sharing profits

Ending time: November 07 2017 | View Whitepaper

ico listing aero

Aeron is the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain

Ending time: October 23 2017 | View Whitepaper

Ongoing ICO List:

In this ICO listing you'll find the hottest ICOs that you can invest in right now

ico listing aero

Aeron is the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain

Ending time: October 23 2017 | View Whitepaper

crystal ico list
Crystal Clear Services HOT

Changing the way customers and service providers connect

Ending time: October 8th 2017 | View Whitepaper

cobinhood ico listing
Cobin Hood HOT

Zero trading fee cryptocurrency exchance.

Ending time: October 22 2017 | View Whitepaper

tokenstars top ico listing
TokenStars HOT

The first platform to tokenize people

Ending time: October 31 2017 | View Whitepaper

Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision is the platform for the private trust management market, built on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

Ending time: November 15 2017 | View Whitepaper


Ending time: November 7 2017 | View Whitepaper


Ending time: October 13 2017| View Whitepaper

Upcoming ICO List

In this ICO Listing you can find the best upcoming ICOs and pre ICO that will be launching soon. Keep an eye out for these to get the best possible bonuses.


Commerce-disruptive incentivized payment solutions to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

Starting time: October 10 2017 | View Whitepaper

Cash Poker Pro

Modern poker room with a network structure and a mechanism for fast and confidential money transfers based on the blockchain technology

Starting time: October 26 2017 | View Whitepaper


The distributed data intelligence

Starting time: November 1 2017 | View Whitepaper


Dmarket – the first decentralized marketplace where you can trade all your in-game items globally

Starting time: November 3 2017 | View Whitepaper


DreamTeam - e-sports and gaming recruitment and management network, based on blockchain platform

Starting time: November 20 2017 | View Whitepaper

List of Past ICOs:

This past ICO listing shows ICOs that you cannot invest in any more for comparison purposes

kickico token offering list

Ending: September 29 2017 | View Whitepaper

social ico listing

Ending: September 17 2017 | View Whitepaper

bitdice ico listing

Ending time: September 15 2017 | View Whitepaper


Ending: September 22 2017 | View Whitepaper

kybernetwork initial coin offering listing
Kyber Network

Ending time: September 15 2017 | View Whitepaper

Aventus HOT

Ending time: September 13 2017 | View Whitepaper


Ending: September 11 2017 | View Whitepaper

Solar Dao

Ending: September 1 2017| View Whitepaper


Ending: September 1 2017 | View Whitepaper


Ending: September 5 2017 | View Whitepaper

0x HOT

Ending: August 15 2017 | View Whitepaper

Agrello HOT

Ending time: August 16 2017 | View Whitepaper


Ending: August 12 2017 View Whitepaper